As you may already know from our DUO-1 site the Duo scheme is a bit different from regular sites. It works like this: This site is now an ARCHIVE. There will be no more bi-weekly updates. There is a total of 25 sessions available in members area. Each session contains 212 photos in average and offers an 8-9 minute long movie in both, 4K (UHD) and 1080p (HD). YES, in case you are wondering, these videos make for an incredible sensorial experience on your 4K capable SMART TV. · VIDEO LOVERS, CHECK THIS -CLICK HERE- · -Regular sites in the other hand carry in avg 100pix per set and corresponding vids of about 3-6 min avg. and no 4K :) -

DUO3 is now live :)

  • Sign up is entirely secure and your info is strongly 256bit encrypted. For added privacy, the charge on your card is completely unrelated to the site. Members area URL will be provided once payment goes through.


    Carefully read all the instructions on screen during the signup process and check your email account including SPAM/JUNK folders for the confirmation emails from the payment processor